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Kellina's Empowerment & Consultation

​Specializing in Calming Depression, Anxiety and Building Self Esteem for Young Adults with Disabilities
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Everyday I Am Just Deaf

Find Your Path

Is it hard talking to your friends and family because they can't understand the challenges you face as a person with disabilities?

Speaking with someone who can relate to your experience can help you overcome your fears to conquer anxiety and depression. 

​Do you want to be heard, not judged, but supported? 

Take the next step toward learning self-care and achieving your goals with me.




Self Esteem








You deserve to be heard and to speak your mind freely without judgement.


Let's start defining who you are and learn skills to improve and rebuild your life!


These sessions will teach you to take control and feel empowered in this safe and inclusive space and beyond.


Are you a group, organization, school, or business who is interested in having the Deaf Queen Boss be a speaker? 


Topics include:

Relationships & Dating

Disabilities & Entrepreneurship

Inclusion in Education



Difficulties communicating with your employees?


Let's explore how to have conversations that allow for openness, listening to each other, and creating space for positive change.


These sessions provide a safe space with strategies to navigate through difficult conversations, enhancing your relationships and creating a more productive environment. 

My Approach

As a life coach, I support individuals in creating positive long-term changes in their lives. My goal is to bring extraordinary qualities that align their goals and bring positive direction to everyday life. My clients will discover their true selves and understand that challenges are a part of life's journey that they can overcome and enjoy their life and accomplish goals they have outlined. 

About me

I am a young entrepreneur, life coach, and activist who loves to help people with disabilities on their journey to personal growth and educate others about the deaf community. Little do people know I am a deaf person (hard of hearing). My goal is to ensure everybody feels included, especially those who feel challenged with their disability. People with disabilities who struggle with mental health often feel excluded from society, and I am here to change the stigma and redefine inclusivity for all. 

Therapy Sessions
Kellina always approaches situations holistically which allows her to interpret things from a different point of view

Jesscia P. Age 23

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