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I've always aspired to be part of the City of Toronto Small Business Event, and guess what? Your friend DID IT! 🙌

I sent an email to the City of Toronto expressing my interest to be part of the events that are coming up. I received an email from the City of Toronto expressing interest in setting up a Zoom call to explore if I'd be the right fit for the event.

My heart was racing because this was something I've dreamed about for a long time. I knew I had to stay prepared and keep those nerves at bay (you know how I talk so FAST when I'm nervous). Can you even imagine getting an email from the City of Toronto to participate in an event like this? It had me like, "OMG!" 😄

The Zoom call went really well. The host asked some basic questions about my interests and why they should choose me. Afterward, she mentioned that she'd get back to me if a spot was available.

Days went by, and I was still anxiously waiting to hear if I made it or not. Then, one day while I was working, I GOT THE EMAIL!!!

My friend and I were both so nervous to open it. I finally gathered the courage to click, and the email said, "Congratulations, Kellina! We would like to continue the process with you." OMG, I DID IT!!! Something I never thought would happen. I'll have to share my high school story with you someday to explain why this means so much.

Fast forward to the big day. It was just 5 minutes before the doors opened. Oh, and I forgot to mention my role - I'm part of the speed mentoring program. Imagine, you go around 10 different small tables, and you have only 5 MINUTES TO TALK TO A MENTOR.

It was a whirlwind morning! I kept seeing helpers coming to my table saying, "5 mins, please, there's a line outside!" I had no idea I'd be speaking to so many people that day. It turns out the event hadn't happened in 7 years, which explained the huge turnout.

By the end of the event, I had the privilege of meeting a multitude of open-minded individuals, and I even got the chance to engage with several distinguished CEOs. I had a blast spending time with each person, cherishing the insightful conversations and the opportunity to offer valuable tips to those seeking guidance. This experience left me feeling profoundly grateful for the connections made and the knowledge shared.

I couldn't have asked for a better day! I was only there from 10am-12pm because I was so tired from networking and talking. My ears and eye were tired by the time I finished. My ears were ready to sleep. LOL.

Thank God, my hearing aid batteries didn’t die on me. I think we all have that thought saying “please don’t make me change my hearing aid’s batteries.” My business partner even showed up to support me, and I had to text her to bring me water because, well, your friend forgot her water bottle. She was actually the one who have been taking secret photos

So here's my message to anyone who dreams of speaking at an event: DO IT! Just send that email, because so many events are always on the lookout for great speakers. 💪🎤 #DreamsComeTrue #CityofTorontoEvent #SmallBusinessSuccess

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