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Why I had to Publish My Story as a Young Deaf Professional

Updated: Feb 29

Let’s talk about books. You know, those stories that take us to magical places, make us feel all sorts of emotions, and sometimes, even change our perspectives. But here's the thing – how many books have you read by a deaf author?

90% of hearing people I met never read a book by an deaf author. I asked around and found out that most people haven't read a single book by a deaf author.

And that got me thinking.

When I started my journey as an entrepreneur, my mentor asked why I hadn’t written a book, especially since she hadn’t come across any by a deaf author. That hit me hard. 

So, I went on a bit of a quest. I asked my hearing friends if they knew any deaf authors. Turns out, there aren’t that many out there. Isn’t that crazy? In a time like 2023, where we're all about diversity and inclusion, why aren’t there more deaf voices in books?

Then it hit me – why not step up and become that voice? Especially for us, young adults. I looked for books that represented us, the deaf and hard of hearing crew, and found a huge gap. There aren’t many stories that speak to our experiences. And hey, I’m a young person too, looking for stories that reflect my world. 

My dream? To write stories that light up our world. Stories that speak to us, that make us feel seen and heard. Because when we see ourselves in stories, it’s like someone saying, "Hey, I get you."

Growing up, I often searched for characters in books who shared my experiences, who faced similar challenges, and who celebrated the same victories. But there weren’t many. It felt like there was this huge gap between the stories I read and the life I lived. That's when it struck me – why not be the one to fill that gap?

My journey hasn’t been just about books and writing. Being hard of hearing in a hearing world comes with its own set of adventures. I’ve faced hurdles, misconceptions, and moments of pure triumph. And through it all, I’ve realized the power of storytelling.

Stories aren’t just words on a page; they’re windows into different worlds, different lives. They have this magical ability to connect us, to make us feel less alone. And that’s what I want to do – create stories that bridge that gap, stories that make us feel understood.

I remember the first time I saw a character who navigated the world like I did, who faced similar challenges with bravery and grace. It was like a spotlight shining on a part of me that had always been in the shadows. That feeling? That’s what I want to share with all of you.

So, as I embark on this journey into the world of writing, I carry with me not just the dream to craft incredible stories but also the hope to create a space where everyone feels represented, valued, and empowered. #deafqueenboss #deafauthor #storiesthatmatter


Kellina Powell is a gift to our world. She has proven that no matter what obstacles are in her way, she can overcome them. As a deaf person living in a hearing world, she gives us a peek behind the curtain for living with a disability and creating a life she loves.

In her first book, Everyday I am Just Deaf, Kellina exposes her inner thoughts and feelings to get readers thinking.

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