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Best Trip Ever - From Toronto to Columbus

Buckle up, adventurers! We're off to Ohio, and let me tell you, this trip was an absolute whirlwind of excitement and heartwarming moments. 💫

This is my first time going to Ohio. Pretty nervous! I have been to Tennessee, New York, Buffalo, and Florida. The crazy part is that I haven’t been to the airport by myself. I was really nervous because I was worried that I wouldn't hear what the officer or security say since some people do wear masks.

My plane was delayed by 2-3 hours and I was supposed to fly to Ohio by 4:30pm but instead I flew at 7:30pm. Was a bit annoyed because I don't know what to do with myself in the airport BY MYSELF! 

How have you ever had a delay and been stuck in the airport? I don’t know how people put themselves together when the plane is delayed. I would lose myself. 

Let's get back to the story. So now I am walking to the plane outside and tell me why I hit my head. I didn’t think I was tall for the plane🤣. On the bright side, nobody was sitting next to me. Weehhooo🥳.

The plane was smooth and fast. The flight was only 1 hour and 15 mins I believe. I was so happy that the plane didn’t take too long.

Arriving at Ohio School For The Deaf, upon my arrival I had never seen a big school before. During the drive, I saw a lot of land and Ohio gave me a lot of country vibe. I didn’t know what to expect. 

I was a bit sad because I wanted to see the school during the day instead of at night. However, I was hearing a lot of great stories when I met a few students and staff that night at the gym while playing basketball. It was amazed to see how everyone signs different or even learning signs. It was cute to witness young adults, especially in high school, interacting with each other and using slang in ASL. 

Doing a lot of work around the school and when I tell you guys I was shocked how big the school was and learning about the history of the school even though I don’t like history. I thought to myself, how come Canada doesn't have this?!

In Canada, the deaf community would benefit from this opportunity. If the deaf community in Canada is able to get access, I think the deaf community would be more benefit.

After listening to all the resources and support that the school provided, I wish it was in Canada since everyone can benefit. I believe that my life would’ve been different if Canada had a school for the deaf residential. I wouldn’t be guessing where I fit and how do I communicate with other individuals in the deaf community. 


I was so nervous to speak because it was my first time speaking at a school. I did a few school preparations via zoom or google meet bot not in person.

Getting on the plane and speaking face to face is always something that I look forward too. Interaction with students faces to face vs online platforms is different. I am so glad the first morning went well with the high school and then middle school and then elementary. I remember when I was their age I barely listen to any guest speakers that come to my school. I just love that everyone was connecting and talking to one another about my stories and wanting to put their hands up. It was cute.

I didn’t expect a lot of students wanted my autograph. I signed so many books for the first morning and my hand was tired LOL. It felt relief when I heard students tell me that they have similar experiences.

I wanted students to know that they are not alone in the hearing world. Then, I went to the school for the blind and I had no idea. I didn’t know the short name for it. I pulled up to the school and I was really excited because I didn't know what to think or expected.

Coming to an end with all events, I am so happy to say I kill it with all my speaking! I am thrilled to know that students would relate to my stories and felt that I am making a change in their life. Nothing puts a smile on my face seeing a younger vision of myself smile.

Toward the end I received plaques from both deaf and blind schools . Totally unexpected but absolutely heartwarming! I didn’t know how to react. Feeling all kinds of grateful right now! 🩷

Now returning home. The airport was smooth again. However, everyone had their masks on and I quickly informed them that I am hard of hearing but for them it deaf. They all look shocked 😂. I think that's why it went smoothly. 

OVERALL, the trip to Ohio was amazing! I wouldn’t have it any better way.

I would recommend parents to check out Ohio School For The Deaf or Ohio School For The Blind. I love the environment and I felt like home.

If my mom sent me to a school like that I would be happy and be the happiest child EVER. Definitely recommend it to parents.  


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